One Eye Square, Inc. has been incorporated since 2002 specializing in all phases of residential trim applications. Highly skilled with an attention to detail unmatched locally. Operating in the greater Grand Rapids area with the willingness to travel up to 90 miles daily (travel fees apply) from my home location in the Cannonsburg area. I also have a small shop with dedicated machinary with enough capacity to produce small cabinet jobs or custom items.

Personnel-I am the primary carpenter for my company with over 30 years experience in industry. With a calm and relaxed personality, non smoking and neatly dressed with trade specific clothing and safety gear, I project professionalism and competence. Currently, I do not have any employees on staff, but keep both Workman’s Comp insurance and payroll systems active with my accountant as I anticipate the need arising.

Tooling-I am currently using a 2016 Promaster as primary transportation, which is fully loaded with trim oriented tooling. I have a full complement of Festool, corded/cordless Makita, Paslode cordless nailers, etc.; as well as, ladders, walk planks, Baker scaffolds, etc to enable any level of trim installation. I am a big proponent of dust collection, not only for my own health benefits, but also to maintain jobsite cleanliness using dedicated vacuums for miter saw, table saw and hand tools. From heavy use of the Festool/Makita track saw systems to implementing the Shaper Origin (handheld CNC router) in my daily projects, I am not close minded, but forward thinking in tool techniques: as well as, current design ideas and trends

Pricing– Hourly or per job pricing is available. Stand alone pricing available for select items like stairs, cabinetry, mantles, curved work, etc. I anticipate partnering and providing my services to your company.